Turkey’s domestic COVID-19 jab not valid for Germany

Turks who have received the full recommended dose of the domestic vaccine TURKOVAC will not be eligible to enter Germany as per the country’s updated COVID-19 policies, daily Sözcü reported on Friday.

To enter Germany foreign citizens need to be fully inoculated with one of the approved vaccines produced by Moderna, BioNTech, AstraZeneca or Janssen, according to Germany’s Paul Ehrlich Institute for Vaccines and Biomedicines.

Foreigners who do not have the necessary vaccinations will not be allowed to enter the country even if they present negative PCR tests. If the unvaccinated applicants have a valid reason to enter Germany, such as serving as a witness in a trial, they will be allowed entry following a quarantine period.

Citizens of third countries may apply for a Schengen visa from Germany, but they will be allowed in only after full vaccination.

Turkovac has been left out of the approved list of vaccines, alongside those developed in China and Russia.

German broadcaster ARD last week reported “doubts” on the effectiveness of the Turkish jab, saying there was no official data on it.

Turkovac could be enticing to “Turks receptive to nationalist tones”, ARD’s Istanbul correspondent Oliver Mayer-Rüth wrote, and cited concerns voiced by Turkish doctors and the Turkish Medical Association (TTB).

On Jan. 4, Hacettepe University’s head of pediatric infectious diseases department Mehmet Ceyhan said he “couldn’t recommend” getting vaccinated with Turkovac as there was no publicly available data on it.

TTB Secretary General Vedat Bulut also spoke on the lack of data on Turkovac on Jan. 5, saying there was “no vaccine to speak of”.

“There is a solution that is claimed to be a vaccine,” Bulut said, calling for the public release of completed studies.

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