Future Party leader Davutoğlu vows to end presidential system

Turkey’s former Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, the leader of the newly established Future Party, said on Friday that his party would support a democratic parliamentary system and the rule of law.

The former Justice and Development Party (AKP) politician submitted the official application to establish the Future Party on Thursday. He shared the emblem of the party - a sycamore leaf - and the main principles of the party in a speech on Friday. 

“Our target is to ensure the safety of life and property, the freedom of expression, the freedom of conscience. Freedom of the press is a basic need of society. Monopolisation in the press restricts our intellectual capacity. We will build a country where journalists do not face arbitrary trials,” Davutoğlu said. 

The politician said they would protect the cultural heritage of different groups in Turkey, adding his support for mother tongue education for minorities in the country.

The Future Party will not allow any religious group to have a privileged status, Davutoğlu said, pledging also to fight against corruption. 

“The constitution should be rewritten from scratch with the widest participation (of stakeholders) possible,” he said. 

“The presidential system was brought to strengthen the executive branch,” said Davutoğlu, referring to Turkey’s new administrative system, which took effect after elections last year. “It will be impossible to sustain a democratic social order as long as this system stays in place. We support a democratic parliamentary system that is free from all types of tutelage."

The Future Party leader promised a renewal in foreign policy, saying his party would pursue peaceful diplomacy and aim to make Turkey a full member of the EU while also deepening its relations with Asian countries.