Turkish citizens are among the 'least positive' people globally

Turks are among the world's least positive people, according to a survey by the Gallup polling firm that was shared on Wednesday. 

Gallup measured positive emotions in 143 countries by asking people whether they experienced enjoyment a lot, felt respected, felt well-rested, laughed and smiled a lot, and learned or did something interesting the previous day. The "yes" results were compiled in a Positive Experience Index score assigned to each country surveyed. Based on the responses, Gallup ranked Turkey towards the bottom of its survey in a position where it is tied with Lebanon.

"Turkey’s journey to the bottom, on the other hand, has been more gradual, as people have been riding an economic roller coaster since 2018. Although the country was on the brink of economic collapse throughout most of 2020, it was one of a few that was able to avoid a recession during the pandemic," wrote Gallup in an 18-page report summarising its findings

"Regardless, the economic and political turmoil has carried a hefty price tag for both countries: The majority of Lebanese people have not experienced enjoyment in their daily lives since 2018, and for Turks, this has been true since 2017," it continued. 

According to Gallup's findings, only 35 percent of the respondents in Turkey said that they experienced enjoyment in their day and 44 percent said that they experienced anger in the past day, the second highest score after Iraq.

The survey measured people's feelings during 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the world. As the virus ravaged countries worldwide, Turks were subject to multiple nationwide lockdown with the last one ending only in June. To date, 51,048 Turkish citizens have died from COVID-19, according to data from the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Turks were previously found to hold a pessimistic view about the direction of their country, owing to political polarisation and a struggling economy. In a survey from polling firm Ipsos in February, 65 percent of Turks expressed pessimism on the trajectory of their country with concerns about high inflation and unemployment being the leading causes of concern. 

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