Fresh social media regulation ‘nondeferrable obligation’ for Turkey, says top imam

Ali Erbaş, head of Turkey’s Directorate of Religious Affairs, said the country was in dire need of new legal framework for social media use and the “construction of a strong conscience” in an online meeting he attended, daily BirGün reported on Sunday.

The establishment of such a mechanism and awareness “stands in front of us as a nondeferrable obligation”, Erbaş said.

Social media is an important tool for cultural transformation, and that the changes that come with it have brought “great opportunities, as well as grave risks in the humane and moral aspects”, he said.

“This can spill over from the digital world and affect real life, causing a rift between religion’s moral principles, values and virtues for the individual and the society,” Erbaş said.

According to the top religious authority in Turkey, human beings have been granted “a modest will”, and are on this world to be tested on it. “We have an important duty to spread beautiful morals among Muslims once again, and in fact among all peoples.”

Global issues humanity faces today are a result of “our situation regarding Islamic morality”, Erbaş said. “This is a crisis of values we are living in, a degeneration of values.”

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