Ethnic cleansing cannot solve Kurdish question - analyst

Turkey's rejection and oppression of the Kurds have already severely crippled the country and ethnic cleansing efforts will only pave the way of future conflicts,  analyst Sirwan Kakarash on Saturday said in an article for the Jerusalem Post.

"Oppression and denial of the Kurds’ existence have damaged Turkey’s international standing, its economy and its security. Each cycle of aggression and ethnic cleansing against the Kurds will lead to deep grievances and lay the seeds of future wars," Kakarash said.

Kurds, numbering some 35 million, are divided into parts in four different countries, Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria. And they in each part have been living under pressure and oppression.

"Unless Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria intend on linking arms and committing a genocide of the entire 35 million or so Kurdish population, the Kurdish question will continue to shape the Middle East in detrimental ways," the analyst said.

The solution is to grant the Kurds their cultural and citizenship rights, which will allow them to contribute to the country's economic and cultural diversity, according to Kakarash. 

"Turkey, Iran and Syria must grant the Kurds full citizenship and cultural rights. The alternative is continued revolts, destabilization, and war," he said.