Quarantine to halt coronavirus, Chinese officials tell Turkish committee

Chinese officials and scientists warned the Turkish committee charged with advising the government on COVID-19 that Turkey must make wide use of quarantines to halt the spread of the deadly coronavirus, Turkish columnist Abdulkadir Selvi said on Friday.

Members of Turkey’s Science Board for the coronavirus held a video conference with the Chinese officials on Thursday, as the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Turkey leapt by 1,196 to reach 3,629 and the death toll rose to 75.

The Chinese committee said the most important way to curb the virus’s rapid spread was to widely employ quarantines and stressed that it was crucial to protect health workers as they battled the pandemic.

This means that Turkish authorities must place under quarantine anyone diagnosed with the illness, including health workers, and anyone coming into the country from abroad, Selvi quoted the Chinese officials as saying.

Healthcare workers must be provided with the appropriate protective gear, including medical masks, coveralls and disinfectants, and the government must ensure that the provinces hardest hit by the virus have sufficient medical personnel by busing them in from other parts of the country, they said.

The coronavirus first broke out in China’s central Wuhan province in December, and has since spread to 175 countries, infecting more than 523,000 people worldwide.