Foreign armies to carry out conditional withdrawal from Syria – ex-Turkish ambassador

The armies of the United States, Turkey, Russia, Iran and Israel and their militias deployed in Syria will not pull out the country without guarantees that protects their strategic interests, former Turkish Ambassador to Syria, Ömer Önhon, said.

The interests of most of the countries can be met, including Russia, “but Iran remains the main sticking point because it has transformed Syria into an advanced front and a cornerstone for its regional agenda,” Önhon wrote in his recently published book, “Syria through the Eyes of the Ambassador,” London based pan-Arab daily Asharq Al-Awsat reported on Sunday.

“The solution, therefore, demands the execution of all articles of United Nations Security Council resolution 2254, for Damascus to impose its sovereignty throughout all Syrian territory and for the establishment of a Syrian leadership that unites all Syrians,” he said.

The U.N. Security Council unanimously adopted resolution 2254 in 2015, endorsing a road map for peace process in Syria, in pursuit of a Syrian-owned political transition to end the conflict.

“The Syrian people will decide the future of Syria,” the text stated. 

“The fighting may have largely ended in Syria, but the crisis there will persist for years to come, especially with the signs that ISIS and other extremists are re-emerging,” Önhon said.

Önhon served as political aide at the Turkish embassy in Damascus in 1988 was appointed as ambassador to Syria in 2009 and then special envoy on Syria in 2014.

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