Ruling AKP candidate’s Twitter history reveals vow to dismiss own father for supporting party

A man running as a mayoral candidate with Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) in the 2019 local elections, previously vowed to kick his own father to the curb for voting for the party, Turkish Gazete Fersude reported.

It remains to be seen whether Necdet Takva’s tweet dating back to 2014 may land him in hot water with the ruling AKP ahead of the elections slated for March 31, 2019.

‘’I would kick any Kurd out of my house, even it were my own father, who voted for the ruling AKP, which gave orders to torture an elderly Kurd,’’ he wrote in March of 2014.


Takva, a candidate running for mayor in Turkey’s eastern province of Van, also posted a series of tweets on Kobani, a mainly Kurdish city bordering with Turkey that was besieged by the Islamic State in late 2014, leading to 45,000 refugees crossing into Turkey. Protests related to Turkish government’s inaction in dealing with the Kobani crisis and belief that Ankara supported Islamic State (ISIS) militants against their Kurdish counterparts, triggered nationwide demonstrations 2014. 

‘’We  have been among those who felt the pain of the people of Rojava, Sinjar and Kobani since the first day, supporting and helping them,’’ he tweeted in October of 2014.