Mob boss Peker says warned against tell-all videos by UAE, safe in the Gulf nation

Exiled Turkish organised crime leader Sedat Peker has confirmed that he was warned against publishing videos on Turkey by the government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where he faces no threat of being extradited.

Peker’s viral YouTube videos, in which he claims to expose links between the state and organized crime while accusing high-ranking officials of corruption and involvement in drug trafficking caused a political storm in Turkey over the summer.  The videos, which the 49-year old convicted mob boss began posting in early May, received millions of views worldwide.

“You can not record videos in our country that defames another country,’’ Halk TV cited Peker as being told by the UAE government on Friday. “This is a foreign country and I am subject to their laws.”

Ankara in June requested Peker’s extradition, a former government supporter-turned-foe, whose corruption accusations extend to former and current high-ranking officials in Turkey, including Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu.

"There is no red notice (for me). As long as I don't’ commit a crime in his country, nobody can send me anywhere. The most it could do is ask me to leave,’’ Peker said.

Peker stopped posting his tell-all videos in mid-June, citing security concerns.

The exiled mob boss also touched on renewed talks between regional rivals Turkey and the UAE, dismissing chances that he was he was a priority on the agenda.

“I do not think that the meeting topic between Turkey and the UAE is just about myself. There are very many issues of differences between the two countries,” he said.

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