Istanbul rated 7.4 out of 10 for stress, study finds

The level of stress from living in Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city, was rated at 7.4 out of 10, according to a survey of its residents.

Life satisfaction was rated at 4.8 out of 10, according to the “Istanbul Barometer”, a survey published by the city’s statistical office. The research also focused on issues such as the domestic agenda and economic indicators.

Forty-nine percent of respondents said 2021 would be better than last year, 44 percent said it would not be better and 7 percent were undecided. Fifty-nine percent said they were in good health. The proportion of respondents who reported poor health, which totalled 11.9 percent, declined compared to November.

The poll was conducted by phone with 827 city residents between Dec. 28 and Jan. 8.

The survey also touched on social interactions, including the occurrence of so-called “loud discussions” between friends, family members and strangers. While the rate of such interactions among friends and at work decreased compared with November, it increased among family members, in public spaces, social situations and during commutes. Men constituted 58 percent of those who entered such debates, it said.

Last year, the COVID-19 pandemic hit Turkey’s already-embattled economy, prompting the government to introduce lockdowns on the population and to temporarily shutter some business, including non-essential shops.

In an effort to reverse the slowdown, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan pledged sweeping economic reform after replacing the governor of the central bank in November and hiring a new treasury and finance minister.

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