Turkey, Iran infiltrating the minds of young Americans, Israeli analysts say

The regimes of Turkey and Iran are leading the way inthe anti-Israel movement by infiltrating the minds of susceptible young Americans, analysts Eitan Fischberger and Yosef Kuperwasser wrote in the National Review.

Moreover, the countries are spreadingIslamist thought in the guise of scholarship or human rights, the pair wrote, pointing to “hate-filled’’pro-Palestine conferences hosted in Turkey and similar virtual events with participation from Iran.

Ties between Turkey and Israel have reached successive lows over the last decade, with the countries’ leaders repeatedly clashing in public over the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Iran has remained Israel’s main rival in the region sincethe former’s Islamic Revolution of 1979.

Last month, Turkey’s Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University launched its second international conference on Palestine, the pair wrote, noting that the five-day event featured lectures by western professors and anti-Israel activists from around the world. 

The conference saw “countless false accusations’’ levied at Israel by the speakers to “instil the notion that Israel is an evil state worthy of annihilation,’’ according to the analysts, while guests like  Sami Al-Arian, a former professor at the University of South Florida, expressed his desire to see “Israel’s demise.’’

Six months before the conference in Turkey, Iran joined 60 anti-Israel groups and a number of U.S.-designated terrorist organizations for two Gaza and Tehran-based virtual events titled “Year to Confront Normalization” and “Together Against Normalization,” the analysts said.  

Speakers in the events included Ziyad al-Nakhalah, leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh, and Mohammed Bagher Ghalibaf, speaker of the Iranian parliament, they pointed outo with many of the groups promoting the event to “enlist American students as dutiful soldiers in their crusade against Israel.’’

The events point out that there is a “contingent of supposed peace activists, academics, and student groups that serve as an ideological backdoor for radical Middle Eastern extremism into the United States,’’ the pair wrote.

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