Turkey repatriates 2 ISIS detainees to Germany

Turkey's Interior Ministry said on Wednesday that 2 German Islamic State (ISIS) detainees, what it calls foreign terrorist fighters, had been repatriated to Germany.

"Extradition of Foreign Terrorist Fighters continues. In this context, 2 German Foreign Terrorist Fighters were deported to their countries," the ministry said. 

Turkish authorities began the repatriation of ISIS detainees to their country of origin in early November. Turkey has captured nearly 300 ISIS members in northeastern Syria since it launched a military offensive on Oct. 9 targeting Syrian Kurdish forces, and there are some 1,200 ISIS detainees in Turkish prisons. Turkey has repatriation and extradition agreements with the countries concerned, but informs them before repatriating the ISIS detainees.

Ankara has accused Western countries, especially in Europe, of being too slow to take back citizens who travelled to the Middle East to fight for the jihadist organisation. However, Turkey has already repatriated several German, French, Irish, British nationals and one U.S. citizen.