Turkey’s top court rules rights of Gezi Park protestor violated

Turkey's highest court ruled that the rights of a participant in Turkey’s 2013 Gezi Park protests, which swept across the nation from a run-down park near Istanbul’s Taksim Square and resulted in the death of 21 people, had been violated.

The Turkish Constitutional Court said the right to assembly and demonstration of university student Duran Eren Şahin had been violated after he was injured by tear gas canister thrown by police in 2013, Cumhuriyet daily reported.

Three years later, prosecutors in Ankara dropped legal proceedings against police forces, saying that city surveillance records were deleted and the police who threw the mentioned tear gas could not be detected.

But, the Turkish Constitutional Court ruled that the actions of the police were incompatible to human dignity and criticised security authorities for not launching an investigation into Şahin's case, Cumhuriyet said.

The Gezi Park protests started as a small sit-in against the proposed destruction of one of Istanbul’s few remaining green spaces to make way for a shopping mall, but mushroomed into nationwide mass protests after police waded in with batons and tear-gas to break up the demonstration. Eleven people were killed and more than 8,000 injured in the ensuing violence.