Hazardous levels of air pollution recorded in some Turkish cities during 2017 -report

Turkey’s Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation has recorded dangerous levels of air pollution in some provinces throughout 2017 based on the World Health Organisation’s Air Quality Index, Birgün daily reported on Saturday.

Air quality is considered as good for values between zero to 50 and moderate for values between 51 to 100,  according to the Air Quality Index.

The Turkish ministry’s data shows that in 2017 in almost all provinces in Turkey pollution values during the day were between 151- 200, values that are seen as unhealthy. Under such levels of pollution, people are warned that they might experience some adverse health effects.

In a number of Turkish provinces values over 300 were recorded in some months in 2017, which implies hazardous level of air pollution.  Authorities are expected to trigger warnings of emergency conditions when such values are registered, Birgün said.

The central Anatolian city of Konya and the northwestern city of Çanakkale are the places where the highest level of air pollution were recorded throughout 2017, according to data published by Birgün.

According to 2014 figures of the European Environment Agency (EEA), 97.2 percent of the urban population in Turkey is exposed to unhealthy levels of particulate matter.