Almost 500,000 Turkish payment card details put up for sale

Details for more than 460,000 Turkish payment cards are currently being sold online in what is the biggest dump of Turkish payment card details recorded in recent years.

The dump of 463,378 Turkish cards was put up for sale on the Internet's largest carding shop, Joker's Stash, ZDNet reported on Wednesday citing security researchers at Group-IB.

Published in four batches between Oct. 28 - Nov. 27, the data comprises the largest sale of Turkey-based payment card details in recent years, ZDNet said.

The four batches are estimated to fetch hackers more than $500,000 when sold, said Group-IB, which tracks the underground market for stolen credit cards.

The cards - both debit and credit - originated from a wide range of Turkish banks, suggesting the data came from a source that handles payments, rather than a single bank's hacked system, according to Group-IB.

"All the compromised credit and debit cards records in this database were identified as raw cards data also known as 'CCs' or 'fullz' and contained the following information: expiration date, CVV/CVC, cardholder name as well as some additional info such as email, name and phone number," it quoted Dmitry Shestakov, Head of Group-IB's сybercrime research unit, as saying.

The data could have come from users who were fooled into entering card details into phishing attack pages; malware that harvested this data from browsers, or JavaScript-based skimmers that stole the data as the user was entering it on a hacked online store, according to Shestakov, with the latter being the most likely answer.
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