Turkey’s Eurovision-winning singer protests censorship

Famous Turkish vocalist Sertab Erener has protested the censorship of a video which was part of her performance on Sunday night at Istanbul’s Harbiye Open Air Theatre.

Erener spoke from the stage and said a video that was to be featured on the screen as part of her stage performance was censored, presumably by the venue, because it included a woman’s bare chest.

“It is a disaster that my video was cut without my consent just because a woman’s breasts were showing. Nudity is not a shame, they can cut my video but they can’t silence me,’’ said the singer.

Erener went on to say, “I am against censorship in the arts, always. I am more so against censorship that I wasn’t even notified of.”

Footage of the artist’s commendation of censorship was shared on social media and many users expressed support for the singer, who had won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2003.

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