Few Armenians see improving relations with Turkey as a priority, according to new poll

A new poll found that Armenians do not consider improving relations with Turkey to be a significant priority for their country, Civilnet reported on Saturday. 

In a new poll conducted in Armenia by the International Republican Institute, Armenians were rated on their outlooks and priorities for their country. When asked about how they saw recent attempts to normalize relations with Turkey, few Armenians felt improving them should be a priority “for the development of Armenia”.

Asked to name Armenia’s greatest political, economic, and security threats, Azerbaijan and Turkey topped this category at 4% and 5%, respectively. Instead, large numbers said that Armenia should seek to improve relations with Russia (53%), the United States (35%), Iran (29%), and France (25%).

Despite feelings of suspicion or animosity, Armenians also remained supportive Yerevan’s work to improve relations with their neighbour. On this, over 50% of respondents also said they totally or somewhat agreed with statements suggesting that Armenia should begin the process of normalizing relations with Turkey.

Fresh talks to normalize relations between Turkey and Armenia took place last month in Moscow and their representatives are due to meet again on February 14 in Vienna. As a sign of initial progress, flights began to resume between Istanbul and Yerevan after several years. 

Armenia has expressed its interest in reopening its border with Turkey and pursuing normalisation without preconditions. Turkey’s military support for Azerbaijan and its refusal to recognise the 1915 Armenian genocide have long been barriers to creating better relations between the two sides.


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