Turkey, Russia to deliver humanitarian aid to Kabul, says Taliban

Ankara and Moscow have informed the Taliban of their plans to deliver humanitarian aid to Kabul airport in the near future, Russian state-run TASS news agency cited the head of administration at the airport Abdul Hadi Hamdani as saying on Monday.

"Russia and Turkey have also assured us that in the coming days, they will dispatch their aircraft with humanitarian aid for Afghan people to Kabul," Hamdani said, adding that planes from Qatar, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates, as well as Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Pakistan, had been landing at the airport.

The Taliban takeover of Kabul last month has thrust Afghanistan’s future into a world of chaos and uncertainty, sparking concerns of a migration crisis and posing implications for security in the Mediterranean region.

Civil air traffic in the war-battered country has been suspended after the Islamist group swept into Kabul, gaining full control over the Afghan capital shortly thereafter.

The Kabul airport, the scene of thousands desperately attempting to flee the country last month, is facing certain difficulties which prevent the full-fledged resumption of international passenger air traffic, Hamdani said.

"Approximately 10-15 percent of technical problems at the international flights terminal so far remain unresolved. Nonetheless, we are planning to resolve them in the near future," the official added.

Turkey, which has maintained a non-combat military role in Afghanistan with around 500 troops in the country for the last two-decades, had been negotiating with the United States to continue operating Kabul airport and to provide security there. 

Ankara last month offered its help to the Islamic group to establish international legitimacy.

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