Erdoğan urges Afghan economy’s revival to prevent refugee crisis

The revival of Afghanistan’s economy is necessary to avoid a refugee crisis that will affect our entire region, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said on Sunday.

The Turkish president made the remarks during a speech he delivered at the 15th Leaders’ Summit of the Economic Cooperation Organization held in Turkmenistan, T24 news site reported.

It is important to establish a "permanent peace and stability’’ in the war-battered country, which is facing a serious humanitarian and economic crisis, the Turkish president said.

Turkey maintains more than 500 soldiers in Afghanistan, where the Turkish military has had a role guarding Kabul airport since 2013. But the August takeover by the Taliban in the war-battered country has placed the role of Turkey in the country in jeopardy while threatening a further influx of refugees.

Turkey, already home to some 4 million refugees, has since seen a substantial inflows of migrants since the Taliban takeover and has dialed up security measures along its borders with Iran, another popular gateway country for Afghan migrants.

Erdoğan stressed the increased humanitarian aid delivered by the Turkish Red Crescent in Afghanistan since August. He also issued a call for the end to the unilateral sanctions applied to neighbouring Iran.

"Regional and international cooperation in combatting terror is of vital importance,’’ he added, referring to terrorist organisations threatening Turkey. "We must carry on with our struggle without discriminating between terrorist organisations.’’

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